Ballpark research S13

Monday, May 3, 2010 Posted by andersaa 0 comments

Red = Pitcher parks, pink = Slight pitchers parks, White = neutral, Blue-grey = Slight hitter parks, Blue = hitters parks.

-As you already know two of the most extreme pitcher's park teams made it to the world series Portland and Burlington, but that does not mean a pitchers park will get you wins.

-No hitter's park compares to Tucson's Electic Park, even with football like numbers the Tribe had a better point margin than the Champs in pitcher's paradise Burlington.

-In a slight hitter's parks pitchers can still change the game, Nashville only gave up 623 runs better then many teams with a park advantage, and Boise who got an amazing year out of Cy Young Nominee Javier Guevara only allowed 597, second only to Portland.