S14 AM Draft

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1) Baltimore The Merrier : SS Phillip Blum A five tool player that does everything well, run, hits homers, hites lefties, hits rights, and might be able to play shortstop in the majors, a quality player but never an allstar. The senior from Houston is already ML-ready at 22 and should be in the minors for only a short period of time.

2) Charlotte Knights : 2B Felipe Guerrero The best looking leadoff hitter in the draft, he sees the ball well enough to get 100 walks and hits well enough to get 200 hits in a season. His speed and fielding are his faults, as he might have to play OF, and wont be able to use his great baserunning ablities becuase he is slow.

3) Oklahoma City Fireants : 2B Charles Jordan Jordan is similar to Jordan except alot faster and not as great of a hitter. His fielding is poor for a 2b expect a postion chnage pbefore he makes it to the bigs. Chandler-Gilbert Community College is known for producing Juco studs.

4)New York Skyscrapers : SP Santiago Oropesa

5) Los Angeles BIG BLUE : 2B Fonzie Clay

6) Richmond Rebel's : SS Jay Bleier

7) Pittsburgh Alloys : SP Michael Hernandez

8) Fargo River Raiders : RP Adam Bellinger

9) Monterrey Jacks : SP Nipsey Fowler

10) Atlanta Canadians : SS Wes McDowell

S 14 Hall of Fame Inductees

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Cookie Kingland
Age: 37B/T: L/R
Born: Sebring, FL
Position(s): C/DH
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This 7 time all star and 3 time Silver slugging Catcher gets in the Hall on his first ballot. Cookie started the first season as a 24 year old with the best catcher rating in the world. In season 1 and 2, Kingland was traded twice from the Madison Monks(COL) to the Detroit Pens(TAC) then to the Richmond Revolution(CHA) the next year to help them get them past the first round in the playoffs. Even though he only played one season in Detroit(TAC) he still holds the single season franchise record for home runs(58) and RBI's(135). He spent the next 11 seasons with the ever changing franchise that is currently the Charlotte Knights. There he was consistantly the best catcher in the AL, but never getting back into the playoffs after da6nz6ig6 left as coach of the franchise at the end of s3. He finished his great career with 1883 hits, 413 HRs, 1270 RBI, and .307 BA, and .947 OPS.

Denny Fujiwara
Age: 39B/T: L/L
Born: Uwajima, JP
Position(s): P (ClA)
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The 2 time Fireman of the year,4 time all-star closer Fujiwara gets in the Hall. Fuji played his entire 12 season career with the same franchise. He not only got 323 saves, but he had 777 strikeouts, a 1.10 whip and 3.02 ERA. He earned 2 world series rings as the closer for the New York RoadRunners in season 3, and Philadelphia TubeSox in season 6. He is currently 5th in career saves, and 5th in career WHIP.

Ballpark research S13

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Red = Pitcher parks, pink = Slight pitchers parks, White = neutral, Blue-grey = Slight hitter parks, Blue = hitters parks.

-As you already know two of the most extreme pitcher's park teams made it to the world series Portland and Burlington, but that does not mean a pitchers park will get you wins.

-No hitter's park compares to Tucson's Electic Park, even with football like numbers the Tribe had a better point margin than the Champs in pitcher's paradise Burlington.

-In a slight hitter's parks pitchers can still change the game, Nashville only gave up 623 runs better then many teams with a park advantage, and Boise who got an amazing year out of Cy Young Nominee Javier Guevara only allowed 597, second only to Portland.


Season 13 Draft Review: Round 1

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# 1 Las Vegas: SS Jeremie Aubrey From Central HS in Baton Rouge LA. Projects into a low range SS or elite 3B with a decent bat. Health, range, baserunning, and vsL are his only weaknesses even though they are decent. Currently the 18 year-old is in RL.

#2 Minnesota: 3B/RF Wolf Guerrero From Stony Point HS in Round Rock TX. Projects to be a huge power hitter with even splits and a decent eye. His issues only lie in his glove. Currently the 18 year-old is a RL all-star.

#3 Charlotte: SP Jimmie Parrish From AI Prince HS in Hartford CT. This future right-handed ace is going to be great if he can reach his far-off projections. His best pitches are his 4-seam and Slider but he also has a curve and change-up. Currently the 18 year-old is RL.

#4 Tucson: RF Timo Wilkinson From Amherst County HS in MA. The lefty will be able to hit for power and steal a ton of bags. Weakness will be left-handed pitchers and glove. Currently the 18 year old is in LoA and a RL all-star.

#5 Fargo: SS Jorge Cerda A Junior at Winthrop University. This really short shortstop is asking for a ridiculous amount of money to be swayed from college this year. He should be a slightly above average batter and is already close to ML-ready. Currently this 21 year-old is still in negotiations with Fargo management.

#6 Baltimore: 3B Dennis Komatsu A senior from UNLV. This Power hitting infielder should be ML ready very soon. Weaknesses are his contact and eye. He has a great body makeup. Currently this 22 year-old is in RL.

#7 St. Louis: RP Davey Valdes From Big Walnut HS in Sunbury OH. Will be a very dominate closer in the years to come, his splits are amazing. Weakness are his pitches, he only has one good pitch, his 100 projected sinker. Currently in LoA.

#8 Los Angeles: 2B Sal Nunnally who was a junior at Troy State. Sal will be able to hit both lefty's and righty's and get on base alot. His questions really lie in if he develops his glove and range enough to be a solid 2B. Currently the 21 year-old is in RL.

#9 Seattle: SP Bobby Tanner Bobby's mother wants her kid to go to a 4 year college instead of pro baseball. But Seattle wants the control pitcher to develop in their system instead. His projections are amazing for his curve, splitter, and 4-Seam. He is still in negotiations.

#10 Columbus: CF Harry Cordero From Rose Hill Christian HS in Ashland KY. This lefty should be a solid leadoff hitter if he reaches his projections. Major concerns lie in his work effort. Currently the 18 year-old is a RL all-star.

#11 Toledo: SS Rod Woodard From Manor HS in Manor TX. He could end up being a SS but will probably have to settle in at 3B. His bat will be okay but nothing great. Currently this 18 year-old is in RL.

#12 San Juan: 2B/CF Harry Castillo a freshman from Florida College. This kid has one of the best glove/range combo in the draft and will only get better. His bat does not project well unless San Juan scouts know something others dont. Currently this 19 year old is in RL.

#13 Richmond: CF Guillermo TrajanoFrom Barrington HS in Barrington IL and is Ricardo Trajano's little brother. This lefty has the range to be a great ML CF and some great power, but low splits and contact will hurt his batting average. Currently the 18 year old in in LoA.

#14 Sacramento: SS Joakim Arias From Glades Day HS in Belle Glade FL. This future SS has elite level range and arm, if glove reach potential could be a gold glove SS. At the plate he has great power and very good eye but has serious problems with right handing pitchers. Currently this 18 year-old is in RL.

#15 Boise: SP Matthew Corino a freshman at Central Carolina Community College. He is a strong power groundball pitcher with good control. Fastball has reached 98 MPH but does not move much. His slider is his best pitch. Currently this 19 year-old is in RL.

#16 Monterrey: INF Lou Phillips a junior from Chaminade University. The small Candanian who played college in Hawaii, will be moving to Mexico. His fielding attributes look like he will be best at 2B, and bat projects to a solid leadoff hitter if he can learn to steal bases. Currently this 21 year old is in HiA.

#17 Trenton: SP Gerry Garcia From Mandaree HS in ND who parents were definitely Dead-heads. This 6'5 control pitcher has 4 ML pitches but scouts are worried about his health and stamina. Currently the 18 year-old is in RL.

#18 Oklahoma City: 2B Alan Pearson A junior from Louisiana Tech. This infielder should hit lefties well and has an overall to get him into the majors. Questions lie in his fielding, health and vsR. Currently the 21 year-old is in RL.

#19 New Orleans: 2B Dave Becker A junior at Texas. He currently leads the Big 12 in Stolen bases and is the best fielder in the WCAA. He has alot of learning to do at the plate though. He is still in negotations with New Orleans management.

#20 Iowa City: P Harry Mesa My scouts have no idea about this kid. He is self-represented and is asking for more money then his draft position.

#21 Tampa Bay: RP Walker Gray a sophomore out of Edison Community college in OH. This tall reliever has great control and velocity but lacks splits to get the alot of outs. Currently this 20 year-old in in RL.

#22 Toledo(Type A from Nashville): CF Raul Mercedes a freshman from Lenoir Community College in NC. His splits and fielding potentials are outstanding for a lefty OF. His baserunning and eye are concerns. Currently the 19 year-old in in RL.

#23 Louisville: 2B/CF Dion Christenson From Cameron HS in WI. This guy could get a gold glove at 2B someday, but his bat is less then ideal. Currently the 18 year-old in in RL.

#24 Tucson(Type A from Cleveland): RP Dicky Webster From St. Mary's HS in KS. This conrol pitching future closer will be able to keep groundballs and stikeouts coming with his slider, sinker and palmball. Currently the 18 year-old is in RL.

#25 Texas(Type A from Cinncinatti): 2B/CF Jumbo Rhodes a senior captian of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. He was one of the most ML-ready players in the draft after leading Georgia to a SEC title. He projects to a be a decent fielding but horrible hitting 2B. Texas started him in HiA since he is already 22.

#26 Columbus(Type D): LF/2B P.T. Soto From Hammond HS in Columbia SC. This power hitting 2B was been moved to the outfield becuase of his range and glove. He projects to be a solid power hitting, high OBS LF. Currently the 18 year-old in in RL.

#27 Dover: OF Kennie Mlicki From Smithfield-Selma HS in NC. This COF will be a solid vs Right hitter with a very high contact. His fielding is nothing special but better then a 1B. Currently the 18 year-old is in RL.

#28 Columbus(Type A from Tacoma): 2B/1B Damion Bradshaw a sophomore out of Westchester CC in NY. His bat is okay and should get him in the Majors one day but he should not be a 2B. Plays mostly at DH right now. Currently the 20 year-old is in RL.

#29 San Deigo: SP Al Silva This Candiadian senior just graduated from Fort Lewis College in CO, where he was the Rocky Mountain Confernce POY. He is very high stamina power pitcher with a great sinker and 4 other underwhelming pitches. Currently the 22 year-old is in LoA.

#30 Vancouver: C Al Lunar Recent grad of UTSA. A very solid hitter vs Leftys with elite eye. There are concerns about his vs Rightys and health. Currently the 22 year-old is in RL.

#31 Baltimore(Type from Texas): 3B/2B Herbert Kapler A senior from Georgia College. He is looking to sign for slot money and is trying to work out something with Baltimore. He should have a good 3B fielding, and decent but nothing special bat.

#32 Burlington: RP Evan Fitzgerald A junior at the University of Oklahoma. This kid is a great football player that will be in the pros soon, only plays baseball for fun. He is an All-American quarterback for the Sooners despite his size. As a baseball player he would be a great setup/closer if Burlington can convince him to play.

#33 Portland: LF Frank Shields From Lisbon HS in ME. This guy is a ok hitter vs Rightys, but will have to be platooned as ML lefty's will kill him. He has fielding limitations so might have to stay at LF or 1B. Currently the 18 year-old in in LoA ball.
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Two are crowned as the J-Rob's 1st Members of the Hall

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The first two members of the Jackie Robinson Hall of Fame are
Benjamin Miles
Age: 42B/T: L/L
Born: Wausaukee, WI
Position(s): P (LRA)
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Benjamin Miles
Miles has dominated for a long time and his hardwear includes 9 allstar apperances, and 5 Cy Young awards. He played his first seasons with klouvan2's New York Roadrunners and when safetyman moved the franchise to become the Philadelphia Tubesox. In season 8 he went to free agency and received a max contract from Hineiii's Cleveland Blues team. He won one world series ring with Philly in season 6, and his Cy Young awards in season's 3-7.
He currently hold single season records in wins(47), strikeouts(337), shutouts(10), innings(433.7), era (1.31) all in a amazing season 5 where he was pitching in a 3 man pitching rotation with Jorge Manto(who went 34-1 that year) and Rafael Ramirez.
Miles also holds career world records in complete games(76), innings pitched(3451), shutouts(35), strikeouts(2520), and wins (292).

Kordell Lorraine
Age: 39B/T: R/R
Born: Inglewood, CA
Position(s): 3B/1B/2B/OF
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Kordell Lorriane
Kordell retired during the season 11 season after 10 season with Seattle, Portland, Tacoma(Columbus), and New York(Iowa). The 8 time allstar, 2 time MVP, and 6 time SS at 2B, started his playing days with fellow HOFer Miles, at New York Roadrunners(Iowa) for the first two seasons. In the middle of season three he was included in one of the biggest trades ever in J-Rob. Lorriane,Ernie Dickinson, and Dwight Brush were sent to Tacoma Tremors(Columbus) for Pete Fisher, Osvaldo James, and Alex Kyung. After a year and a half where he won one MVP in Tacoma he was again traded this time to division rival Portland. Portland did not keep him long and traded him out to Seattle for then prospects Ernie Ryan and Seattle's first round pick Wilfredo Gutierrez.
In Seattle he found a home, he won an MVP in his first year(s6) and was a dominate 2B. In season 9 he had his best chance at a championship as he led Seattle to the world series but they were swept by the Memphis Ribs(Texas).

Welcome to our blog!

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Welcome to the new Jackie Robinson World blog. This blog will be open to all Jackie Robinson owners for posting, as long as it stays respectful. Send me a trade chat or sitemail with your outside email address and I will add you as a blog author. Have fun!