S14 AM Draft

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Posted by andersaa
1) Baltimore The Merrier : SS Phillip Blum A five tool player that does everything well, run, hits homers, hites lefties, hits rights, and might be able to play shortstop in the majors, a quality player but never an allstar. The senior from Houston is already ML-ready at 22 and should be in the minors for only a short period of time.

2) Charlotte Knights : 2B Felipe Guerrero The best looking leadoff hitter in the draft, he sees the ball well enough to get 100 walks and hits well enough to get 200 hits in a season. His speed and fielding are his faults, as he might have to play OF, and wont be able to use his great baserunning ablities becuase he is slow.

3) Oklahoma City Fireants : 2B Charles Jordan Jordan is similar to Jordan except alot faster and not as great of a hitter. His fielding is poor for a 2b expect a postion chnage pbefore he makes it to the bigs. Chandler-Gilbert Community College is known for producing Juco studs.

4)New York Skyscrapers : SP Santiago Oropesa

5) Los Angeles BIG BLUE : 2B Fonzie Clay

6) Richmond Rebel's : SS Jay Bleier

7) Pittsburgh Alloys : SP Michael Hernandez

8) Fargo River Raiders : RP Adam Bellinger

9) Monterrey Jacks : SP Nipsey Fowler

10) Atlanta Canadians : SS Wes McDowell

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